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Date(s) - 02/14/2015
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Public Art "Gene Autry"
Public Art "Gene Autry" East Ramon Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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**Please check back as the weekend draws near – the President’s schedule is not announced until just before arrival in many cases. The final location will be posted late Thursday/early Friday. There is a chance the President takes a helicopter to the compound from the airport, and the assembly point will be as near the final location as possible. Believe us, he will be aware the protest is happening.**

**Update: The FAA issued a travel warning for Saturday morning at 11am. The timing looks good and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any location information.**

Protestors concerned with Obama’s inability to name Islamic terrorists for what they are.

Protestors concerned with Obama’s inability to name Islamic terrorists for what they are.

President Obama will be spending on Saturday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day. It appears that Obama will be flying in Saturday morning, after having attended a conference on cybersecurity in Palo Alto and a Democrat fundraiser in San Francisco on Friday night.

Take an hour or two out of your day and meet fellow patriots to send a loud and clear message to Obama about his policies on immigration, Islamic terrorism, the economy, or if you’re concerned about his various scandals that’s fine too. Never been to an anti-Obama protest before? Don’t worry, there won’t be any broken glass. Have a good time, wave a flag, and meet some new friends who think alike.

FaceBook users are encouraged to get together on the event page there, located on this link. The main page on the event organizer’s website is located here. The Impeach Obama Now! Coalition is primarily concerned with getting impeachment proceedings started immediately, but attendees to recent protests have expressed their desire to have Obama out of office any way possible, including calling for his resignation.


The weather looks to be good and the location is prime – the assumption being that no matter where the President stays the motorcade will pass this intersection. As the day draws closer no-parking zones and arrangements will make it obvious where the best locations will be. Drawing on previously successful efforts in Boise and Indianapolis, organizers are hoping for 25-30 energetic patriots to show up and make their voices heard!

  • vinnie

    You guys are puppets. Falling for the millionaires tricks.

    Do you not know how the economy was turned around from the last idiot? Racism isn’t a good look for anyone. When your hungrier, fighting for shelter your son or daughter fighting a bogus war and just plain ol’ assed out remember your decision. Can’t always believe the koch brothers and thier fox news they are trying to by your vote.

    • ReadingforComprehension

      One of the last few holdouts, eh? If all that you have to offer is Koch Brothers and the race card, I’ll pass. Rest assured that pointing out attitudes like yours is WHY we are protesting.

      • vinnie

        Last few, lol. What statistics are you looking at? Oh wait, if your republican you don’t know what facts are so you wouldn’t know statistics either. You are very mislead by mainstream media. If you read real news sources you will find the world greatly approves of Obama.

        Do you realize that people laugh at the decisions of our house leader makes. Like trying to deny health care to people. Also He was talking impeachment. Too funny proves his ignorance. The president, according to our Constitution, didn’t over step any boundaries. If anyone thinks he should be impeached because of an executive order. Then they don’t fully understand the constitution and have no business talking politics. Here are all the other presidents executive orders. Obama has less then most.


        Also you have the right to protest about anything. That’s what makes this country great. I think protesting against high fructose corn syrup would be more significant and a better service to our country. If you want to fall for the trickery by billionaires then that’s up to you. Some people just aren’t that intelligent.

        Is it really worth going back to the G.W. Bush days because you want to keep your gun or force your false idea of Christianity? Because the Christian right is not the way of Jesus, in fact I bet he would down right despise it. He would not stand for the amount of hatred displayed.

        So I would recommend you turn off the Fox “News” talk show and pick up a book and understand how government really works.

        Also which republican president has lowered the nation debt in the last 50 years? I will wait…….

        Think off one yet?

        The answer is: f’ing 0 and they call themselves the financially responsible party hahaha