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Date(s) - 10/03/2015
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Oceanside Highway and Mission Boulevard
Coastal Highway and Mission Ave
Oceanside, California

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The Impeach Obama Now! Coalition is calling for regular monthly protests to kick off 2015. The first protest, already having been held, was considered a sucess in drawing 20-30 people to the intersection of Oceanside Highway and Mission Boulevard.

Protestors from the Impeach Obama Now! Coalition at the Riverside Intersection.

Protestors from the Impeach Obama Now! Coalition at the Riverside Intersection.

On February 8th, a group of protestors met there and spent about 2 hours carrying signs and banners and letting drivers and walkers alike know what they thought of Obama’s policies, and especially what they hope to have happen: Obama’s removal from office.

As a result, they intend to move forward with these monthly protests and expect their numbers to grow. As reported in the Oceanside News:

“We want to make this a monthly event in Oceanside on the first Saturday of every month” said Roger Ogden, organizer of the Saturday rally. “We want people to join us, not just in Oceanside but in other cities too.”

Ogden said it was hard to get people organized for these type of events without money. “It’s difficult since they set up the non-profit system. They are set up by the IRS which is controlled by the President.” as he pointed out the IRS/ Lois Lerner scandal.

Roger said he is organizing the rallies because “I never thought he should have been President in the first place” continued Ogden ” There are more problems other than the President but Obama is the point man right now so that’s where we are focusing.”

Interested participants can see the organizer’s website and/or FaceBook page for more information.