Well, for one because we heard people asking about it. All around us we hear people complaining about the lack of common sense in almost every issue. This is understandable. As the country grows, and especially as our population becomes more diverse, it stands to reason that opinions will grow more diverse as well.

Growing up, we watched schoolhouse rock in school and one of the videos we saw was about the great American melting pot. I asked my daughter when she was in 6th grade (last year) if she knew what that was, and she hadn’t heard of it. This is the challenge of multiculturalism, especially when the cultures refuse to integrate. When multiple cultures occupy the same physical space and refuse to integrate, it is tough to achieve a common sense of anything.

This sign hangs in our offices.

This sign hangs in our offices.

This is where we find ourselves today:  divided on so many issues. In fact, it seems like we can’t even agree on what the problems are, which makes it impossible to have rational conversations about what the solutions could be. This is what compels us to try what we can to bring America back to common ground, and hopefully to restore some important common senses to the country.

In America in the 18th century, Americans knew how to fend for themselves in the wild frontier. What was common sense then was everyday know-how that saved your life. How to fell a tree. How to care for a horse. How to kill and clean game, or forage for food.  There simply wasn’t as much to know. The body of knowledge we expect the Average American to know today is massive compared to what was even available to Americans at that time.

Pat any given point in time, anyone is privy to only a subset of the knowledge thats available to the world. Some people are Kim kardassian fanatics and know all the facts, most of the rumors, and follow her daily life through social media.  Others may be aware she exists, but hold no opinion and could care less. Others have no idea she exists at all.  This holds true for all areas of life. When surveyed, what percent of Americans know that John Boehner is the speaker of the House of Representatives? Still fewer would know whether he’s a republican or democrat. Fewer still would know the details of the CROmnibus bill or his recent involvement with having it passed, or how it affects them.

But as each issue gets driven into the public conscience, from Ebola to militant Islam to immigration issues on the southern border,  the media sensationalizes the problem to drive traffic and ad revenue with little care for what’s actually important and urgent in favor of

So what do we think the first steps are?  Well, open and factual debate is important.  Engaging in civil conversation is just as important.  Getting the issues in front of the everyday American is important, but many people don’t want to talk politics.  Most of us don’t want to make politics our identity, because we don’t want to become alienated from our close friends who may disagree with us.  But Twitter users wondering “who is Ebola and why should I care he’s coming to Dallas” when the first case was identified there is a call to action for more education and outreach.

We want to encourage open debate through the discussions in the areas and topics sections.  We want to make it easy to follow the timelines of issues as they unfold.  To the extent we can (and with everyone’s help) we will boil issues down to root causes and simple, factual arguments so that we can arrive at a consensus.  As an example, 30 years ago it would have been preposterous for someone to openly promote Communism in the USA, and yet the article that sparked this site taking off was about Communists organizing the Ferguson rallies.  The Democrat party seems to have been overtaken by Progressive Socialists and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) openly promotes Communist theories as part for a platform he has prepared for what some say is a presidential run in 2016.  Has so much changed that in 30-40 years we’ve gone from running Socialists out of town to letting them run for office openly?

Maybe not, but that can be fixed.

Maybe not, but that can be fixed.

So, we intend to bridge this gap.  We can’t achieve long-lasting success so long as we are arguing whether Socialism is better or worse than Capitalism.  Common sense prevails when we all agree that one or the other is better and move forward from there.  Messaging, public action, satire, humor, whatever it takes to get people to wake up and realize that while they may not be interested in politics, it surely is interested in them.  To the extent that we’re all US citizens, we have a duty to keep our fellows informed and aware.  Many people have become disaffected with Republicans and Democrats alike and have gone independent.  To the extent that we can find unity in independence, we’ll look at all the party’s platforms and compare them to one another, and try to build consensus on what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks for joining us as we embark down this trail!