This past week, President Obama has been on tour around the country to pitch his latest initiatives. Primarily, this includes a three-pronged attack: “free” community college for eligible students, an increase in the Capital Gains tax that even he previously opposed, and his new cybersecurity package. Thankfully, much of the country is awake now and won’t fall for the pitch of free college (having seen what free healthcare got us through the Affordable Care Act) and many people oppose the Capital Gains increases that look exactly like the tax-and-spend package they are.

Unfortunately for President Obama, the rest of the world still exists and is still in a spiral that requires his attention. The fact that the issues continue to smolder is clearly evidenced in the sheer number of people who took to the streets in protest of various wrongdoings, perceived or otherwise, around the world.

Starting the week off were the well-publicized rallies in Paris on behalf of Charlie Hebdo employees and many other French impacted in the past few weeks by radical Islamists wreaking violence on the population.

Protestors in Pakistan burn a flag in anger at Charlie Hebdo cover.

Protestors in Pakistan burn a flag in anger at Charlie Hebdo cover.

Later in the week, protests started to pop up all around the world, many in favor of the actions taken by the terrorists. Al’Qaeda in Yemen took responsibility for activating the terrorists, which makes sense given the perpetrator’s connections to the group that were documented more clearly as the week progressed. While France’s President Hollande said the attacks were an act of war, the White House and its emissaries spent their time trying to call it everything but Islamist extremism. Muslims around the world were not amused by Charlie Hebdo’s cover that appeared after the attacks, organizing marches from Algeria to Pakistan.

In Pakistan, about 10,000 members of a banned political group Jamaat-ud-Dawa staged a third day of protests in LaHore that called for a boycott of all French products, in response to what they referred to as an “act of terrorism” by the French in publishing the Charlie Hebdo cover. More protestors convened in Karachi and Peshawar, where an effigy of French President Francois Hollande was burned. It was reported that the protestors tried, unsuccessfully, to force their way into the French consulate. Where do the Pakistanis find the time to protest for 3 days over a magazine cover?

In Niger, the day after at least ten Nigerians were killed in a day of riots, a police station was attacked and two police cars burned near the main mosque in Niamey. Protests also occurred in Senegal, Mali, Muaritania and Algeria after Friday prayers, with Algerian students marching carrying signs saying “Je Suis Muslim (I am Muslim)”. In Jordan, fighting broke out between security forces and about 2,000 Muslim Brotherhood-organized protesters.

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of protestors marched – some in favor of Muslims and multi-culteralism, some against as seen here in a video by PEGIDA. Tensions in Germany are very high, with President Angela Merkel coming on record telling Germans not to attend PEGIDA rallies. To no avail, however, as the rallies after her speech were even larger.

Here at home things are little better, as Americans find themselves under attack from three sides: anti-police-violence protests by the #BlackLivesMatter movement; protests for and against Obama’s immigration orders, and protests related to radical Islam. All three issues had Americans in the streets.  Even Jane Fonda couldn’t get a break, being met by veterans at a stop in Frederick, MD.

Protestors in Boston shut down I-93 for hours by chaining themselves together using 50-gallon drums filled with concrete that weighed hundreds of pounds each. Traffic going both ways was disrupted during a rush hour. Boston State Police posted this video of protestors being confronted by an angry Bostonian:

The Ferguson protests continued this week as well, with a considerable amount of video to document the protests last night and today. We covered a courageous man who stood up to protestors yesterday, and today even more marchers paraded through Ferguson to continue to voice their discontent with a system they believe is rigged.  The overall organization of the protestors is increasing, with the release this week of their new website and associated demands.

Muslims in Texas created a conference to push for a movement to begin propagandizing on behalf of Islam. They were met by between 500 and 2,000 protestors in a 2-day rally that culminated with some tensions between protestors and conference attendees, as well as a small counter-protest that sprang up. Texans continue to be plagued by numerous issues, not the least of which is illegal immigration.

Protestors in Houston hold signs about a Muslim conference held there.

Protestors in Houston hold signs about a Muslim conference held there.

There were plenty more instances to document. Around the world, many millions of people saw fit to take to the streets in protest of something. The President made a statement in which he blamed Europeans for not allowing Muslims to assimilate as well as they might.

“Our biggest advantage, major, is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans and there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition,” he said.

“There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case … it’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.”

The President and his few remaining allies are burying their heads in the sand and focusing on small-ball issues like free community college, and it’s difficult to tell who they are trying to convince – us or themselves – that Islam isn’t a problem.  The militant Islamists cannot and will not be appeased, the immigration problem will not resolve itself, and our race issues seem to get worse by the day.

The terrorists will keep attacking any target they can get their hands on.  Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time until another killing of a black man happens at the hands of a white police officer.  As it warms up, immigration will once again turn into a hot button as the border get slammed with another wave of immigrants like last year.  Doing nothing to address root causes and using the media to try to gloss over symptoms, or flat out pretend they don’t exist, is kicking the can down the road again.  One of these times will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Add in the oil pricing concerns, China’s militaristic overtones, Russia having cut off Europe’s gas supply, and the camel is carrying quite a few straws already.

Very few people were agitating for more Capital Gains tax, and virtually nobody was calling for free community college.  Both are bad ideas for the economy at face value.  Even Obama was against raising Capital Gains taxes before he was President.  The President made those issues up out of whole cloth as initiatives he wanted to take in this last term.  Was it to give him something to talk about besides all the results of what he’s done to date?  At the same time, he tries to shift the blame, as usual, while doing nothing about the issues that are rotting the US at its core.  As Ayn Rand said, “You can avoid reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality”.  He might’ve avoided responsibility for the mighty fallout around him to this point, but each failure of policy makes that trick harder to accomplish.